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The Best Live Bait for Snagging Bluegills

March 25, 2016
Bluegills are some of the most widely sought out fish because they are not very hard to catch. These fish are actually not afraid of humans and will even put up a challenge to those who try to catch them. Our friends over at Fishermen’s Angle have recently cover Bluegill bait and we thought we’d add our two cents as well. This makes them rather easy to get. Many fishermen would catch this fish, so they can be used as live bait for bigger fish. Bluegills are also great for beginners to practice on because these fish don’t run away lik

Make Your Own Catfish Bait Using Flour and Water

February 5, 2016
Catfish are fundamentally scavengers. They regularly inhabit murky waters along with other bottom feeders. Catfish are barely able to see, yet their sense of smell is just outstanding. This is why they greatly depend on their lengthy whiskers to recognize food in their surroundings. Justifiably, baits for catfish need to put off a lot of aroma to draw in catfish within the area. Procedure: Create an easy-to-mold dough by mixing flour and water. This will serve as the base, wherein you can blend in savory additives. Blend in your additives. You can try adding savory meat such as hotdogs, chicke

Catching Bass with the Right Bait and Tackle

January 20, 2016
My favorite game fish has always been the popular bass. I don’t mind if it’s a Smallmouth or a Largemouth one, just as long as it’s bass. Reeling in a 20-22 inch bass really does it for me. Preparing ahead for this kind of fish is the best way to go. Aside from the basics, here a few things that you might want to bring along: Spoons – Weedless spoons are awesome to use in grassy areas especially those that come with trailers. Plastic Worms – They come in all sorts of color, design and size, so take your pick among the bunch.